Distillery Tours and Tasting Room

Announcing opening dates soon.

Tasting Room

Come and enjoy our opulent and authentic 1930’s Art Deco bar setting, where you will enjoy a wide selection of our own spirits, as well as all your favourites. We also are very proud to boast a superior selection of New Zealand’s greatest wines, and the craftiest of our countries craft beers, all here for you to sample.

Our aim is to educate as much as pour delicious drinks, we want you to understand more about what you drink, why you love it, and how we can help you make the absolute best choice when deciding on what you should drink. 

Copper still


Public Tours and Tasting 

Book your tour of our beautiful distillery, where you can learn all the secrets of how your favourite tipple is created, from vodka, and gin, to rum, and whisky and everything in between.

We will guide you through the process of choosing the grains, and botanicals, mashing in, fermentation, and distilling, all the way to ageing and bottling. Your tour ends in our beautiful ballroom where you will be able to taste our current range and decide which products you must take home. 


Private Tours and Tasting 

We also have an extended VIP tour. Here we take you through the tour where you can taste spirit straight from our still, have an in-depth hands-on discussion with our head distiller, and create your very own gin, all in just 1 hour. The tour ends in the ballroom, where you can sample all of our range, and drink a gin and tonic or gin cocktail made by you.