Bloody Syrah Gin & The Reserve Chardonnay Gin

Bloody Syrah 

Deep in colour, full of tannin's and oak characteristics, NDC'S Bloody Syrah is where time honored traditions meet innovation. The Cognac of the gin world.

The Reserve Chardonnay Gin

Born to make some of the best Chardonnay New Zealand has produced, this gin is a tip of the hat to the ROCK STAR of the NZ wine industry, Tim Turvey. This gin has been hand crafted to exemplify the ultimate 90’s Chardonnay, big, bold and full of buttery oak. Aged in the forever famous ex Clearview 2013 Reserve Chardonnay oak Barrel, this gin is sure to be the new ROCK STAR of the NZ gin industry.

Each bottle contains

Vol 750ml | ABV 44% | 26 Standard Drinks | 52 Standard Drinks Total