Tasting Pack of TEN 200ml | LIMITED RELEASE | 2000ml TOTAL

To celebrate our amazing success at the New Zealand Spirit Awards we've created a new Limited Release - a mixed TEN pack of very our best!

Also included is a beautifully presented tasting booklet, complete with tasting notes and cocktail recipes for the home mixologist that lives within us all.

The pack includes a 200ml bottle of each of the following;

Adorn Beauty Gin | 42% ABV
Adorn Rose Gin | 42% ABV
Aquifer Vodka | 40% ABV
Art Deco Gin | 40% ABV
Flamboyance | 40% ABV
Hemp Gin | 45% ABV
Meow Gin | 44% ABV
NZ Dry Gin | 44% ABV
NZ Native Gin | 44% ABV
Verdigris Gin | 44% ABV