Private Label Service

Crumpet Private Label Gin

We offer a private label service. Perfect for any bar, restaurant or business wanting your own spirit brand, we can create a gin or vodka with a bespoke label designed by you.

Or, you might be looking for a branded client or staff gift, a loyalty or incentive programme gift, or a personalised spirit for curated gift boxes or conference goodie bags.  Whatever your requirements, just ask our friendly team.

We also have the ability to age your private label spirit in Syrah or Chardonnay barrels for extra character.

Whatever you need, for any occasion, we can bring your spirit personalisation dreams to life. 

Minimum order: 100 x 750ml bottles.  Please talk to us about production times as these will vary at different times of year.  

Shore Plover Gin Private Label

Dragon Fly Private Label Gin
Crumpet Private Label Gin